I’m here in London!!! I’m still in shock and can’t quite believe it. The city itself is amazing and so beautiful and so different. I keep thinking to myself that it’s like I’m in another country and well, yes, I am in another country. But at times it seems like I’m in a different world altogether. There are so many things that are so similar to America yet so, so different. It’s all quite overwhelming but so far some of the things I’ve noticed are:

Commercials are a bit racier. I remember in one of my communications classes back at university we watched a video on European commercials and how they are a bit more risqué than those in America. But it’s one thing watching a video in class and seeing things in person. I was watching TV and a commercial came on, showing something, I forget now what exactly, and my first thought was that there was going to be a scandal tomorrow morning and everyone would be talking about this commercial and it’d probably be pulled. But then I had to remind myself that I was in Europe and this is probably just normal. Such a strange and new concept…

Simple things like signs, roads and buildings are so different…the construction of the roads, the lanes, the marking on the ground reminding you to look either right or left. It’s strange how such small, seemingly ordinary and everyday things that are ingrained in you can be so different and you can suddenly become so aware of something you never gave a second thought to before.

British English!!! Yes, I knew all about it before I came but it’s so interesting to see it here. There are word constructions and combinations that I simply never dreamed of. My favourite so far is “to let” instead of “for rent.”

I was walking down the street and heard American hip hop music coming from a car. I don’t know why it surprised me but I think I got so caught up in Britain that it was shocking to hear something that I associate with America. Also reminded me that America isn’t so far away really, despite the ocean in between.


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