Laundry, Russian-style

Today we went and did laundry. There was a Laundromat about five minutes from our dormitory. We went over and were met by this adorable older lady. She took our washing from us and we quickly realized that she was going to do it for us! We paid 100 rubles (so cheap!) and she wrote us a receipt with the time on it when we should come back and pick it up. I even spoke with her and understood things and we had a bit of a conversation! I know, such a simple thing, but, again, it completely made my day!

From what I understand, though, Laundromats aren’t the norm here and you are lucky if you have a washing machine in your flat. Some people just have to wash their clothes in the sink or bathtub. The Laundromat we went to was for students only as well, as it’s situated between several buildings which are used as dormitories for various universities. What an excellent service though! So very different from in America where Laundromats have a bit of a bad reputation!


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