Russian Food and More

Today our guide gave us free food vouchers to use at the canteen in the university. She showed us down there and showed us how to use them. The canteen was quite large and there was an area at the back where you had to queue for your food. First you take a tray and silverware. Then there is a selection of bread and cups with tea bags. You can choose between a cup with only a tea bag or a cup with a tea bag and a bit of sugar already put in it. Then there are two menus with various kinds of food listed. You can tell what you want if you plan to buy food separately. But with the food vouchers we handed them to her and indicated which menu we wanted. Then, I was shocked to see how much food they gave us! There was tea, bread, soup, a choice of meat, salad, vegetables, rice or pasta and juice. And it was all so, so delicious! We couldn’t quite believe our luck that we got to eat here and lunch is quickly becoming one of the highlights of the day!

Although the free food vouchers are a definite plus, one of the reasons our guide gave them to us is because she is leaving soon. She will have summer holiday and she is going to Thailand with one of her Thai friends she had introduced us to. They came to our flat to spend some time with us before they left. Unfortunately we spoke mostly in English but we still had a great time. The Thai girl also demonstrated the Thai massage by walking on our backs. I was scared to try it at first but in the end it felt wonderful.

On another note, we found out that one of the American girls we’re with has a cousin who is also studying abroad in St. Petersburg. What a small world! Anyway, it’s a much bigger group than our three so we’re excited for possibly meeting up with them and spending time with other students. We’ll see if anything develops with them…


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