Problem Solving

Today when we arrived at the university, our security cards didn’t work. We decided to wait five minutes because the last time it happened one of our teachers said to wait and then they worked. But after five minutes they still didn’t work. So we assumed that our teacher must have done something in those five minutes to ensure that they worked. So then I called our Dean on my phone and told her what was happening. She sent down the Secretary who called and had our passes activated until the 11th of July. Then we waited a bit and our passes worked.

For me it was strange solving the problem entirely in Russian. I called our Dean, spoke to the Secretary (in Russian) and asked to speak to the Dean, then when the Dean came on, I explained who I was and what the problem was. When she explained to me what would happen (in Russian), I then translated it into English to the other girls. I was actually surprised at how easy it was becoming for me to function bilingually.

Although I’m not looking forward to leaving Russia I must admit that I’m excited to return home and experience reverse culture shock and to see things completely different once I’m back in America. Then it will be even more interesting to return to Russia again after being in Russia, then returning to America for some time. I can’t wait to go experience that!


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