Independence Day in Russia

Today was amazing! We only had two classes, reading and phonetics, but both were incredibly enjoyable. We read a really cute story about a girl whose “coced po parte” (сосед по парте: the pupil who shares the desk with you) built her likeness out of snow for Women’s Day. It was a really nice story because at first when he came to school they seated him with her so he could learn to write well. He had bad handwriting and she had beautiful handwriting. But he only sat there and drew beautiful and imaginative pictures. Everyone thought he wasn’t very bright but in the end he created a beautiful sculpture out of snow for her.

After class we went to the cafeteria and got some lunch. The food there is so incredibly delicious. I’m really going to miss it when I go back home. I remember my Russian friends in America telling me how tasteless American food is. I never understood what they meant until now but it’s so true. I’ve become especially fond of the famous Russian black bread.

Afterward we made plans to meet up with our teacher. We met her at the façade in front of our university and we all walked together down the embankment. There was a lovely breeze and the weather was perfect. There was a small restaurant on the edge near the river and our teacher suggested we get some champagne because it was the 4th of July. So we went upstairs and sat down and soon our teacher returned with TWO bottles of champagne. So we started drinking and chatting, making plans for all the things we were going to do for the rest of our stay. Soon both bottles were gone and our teacher suggested we get another. She told my friend to go get it so she could practice her Russian. I went down with her to help her out just in case. We bought the bottle but then the shop assistant couldn’t get it open. Fortunately a man standing in line behind us offered his services and easily popped the cork.

We went back up and drank some more. Afterward we were all feeling pretty good. I don’t think I was drunk, at least not off of champagne! We continued walking and talking, just having a great time. Our teacher showed us around to various places that we wouldn’t have otherwise seen and showed us to some shops that sold sweets and pastries. We ended up buying some bread pies filled with potatoes and mushrooms which were incredibly delicious. So all in all, an pretty awesome day!


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