The beginning of the end

Today we had our last day of classes and end exams. After university we met with our teacher and she took us to see a famous cemetery, Smolensk Cemetery. Both her parents are buried there and she showed us around. I was surprised to see that many of the graves had pictures or likenesses of the people buried there engraved on them. It was quite disconcerting to see the faces of the people who were now dead and buried. I don’t know why they do this or if it’s unique to Russia. But I found it to be extremely odd and a bit unsettling. I have a feeling most Americans would also feel this way too.

We also saw the chapel of St. Ksenia and there was a long line of people waiting to go in. There were also people kissing the famous wall, bowing to it and crossing themselves in front of it.

Then we walked further on our island and visited several shops, including a honey store that sells many different types of delicious honey. I also found a shop where I can buy Orenburg shawls, just in time for my Grandmother’s birthday!


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