Today was incredibly sad as it was the last day of classes and that means our stay in St. Petersburg is also nearing the end. After classes we gathered and had cake, cookies, champagne and tea. We made toasts and talked, then received our certificates, said goodbye to all our wonderful teachers and finally had to turn in your security passes. It was so bittersweet.

The fact that Rachel and I had tickets to Swan Lake managed to ease the pain a bit. We got dressed and went outside to wait for the bus. We waited for what seemed like forever and then finally got on the bus. We were running a bit late and ended up literally running to the theatre so we’d make it on time. We arrived and went inside. The theatre was smaller than we’d expected but was exquisitely beautiful. There was gold everywhere and red velvety chairs and an enormous, glittering chandelier overhead. There were also a lot of Asian tourists who were taking a lot of photos and smiling eagerly. They seemed so happy to be there.

When the ballet started it was simply amazing. The music and the dancing and everything else was so overwhelming and I couldn’t believe that I was seeing what I was seeing. Rachel and I, the dance lovers that we are, even cried at certain parts, we were so moved. The entire ballet flew by so fast. There were two short breaks in between the three acts and we had the chance to walk around and see other parts of the theatre.

Afterward we left and went to catch a bus back to our island. But strangely enough there were no buses. So we headed to the metro. But several of the entrances were gated off. We finally found an open entrance and went inside. But then Rachel’s metro card didn’t work. She stood in a long queue to buy another one and then we were finally on our way. Back on our island we stopped for sushi and then walked home. All in all a pretty incredible day!


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