This morning we woke up and got ready to go to the concert. We left around 12 and walked to the metro. We got off at our stopped and then stopped for a bite to eat and to double check our map. Although we weren’t entirely sure which way to go, we soon saw hoards of people streaming out of the metro and all headed in the same direction. We decided to follow them and soon enough we were convinced we were headed in the right direction. The amount of people there was unbelievable. We couldn’t even see the entrance to the concert. As there was still some time left before it started, we stopped at a kiosk and bought some drinks. Everyone was standing around, eating, chatting, drinking and smoking. We put our drinks into our bag and figured we’d drink them inside.

Then we went and stood in line and there were people literally crushing to get in. We couldn’t see the entrance and people were pushing us from all around. Finally we saw where we could go in and made our way over. But there was security at the entrance and they made us open our bags. Little did we know that we weren’t allowed to bring our own drinks inside. Our drinks were confiscated and thrown into a huge pile with all the other drinks.

Finally inside we could see just how enormous everything was. There were people everywhere, various booths set up selling beer and sausages. The stage itself was also enormous. We bought some beer and made our way toward the front to get up close to the stage. It seemed to take forever for it to finally start. When it finally did it was amazing! The crowd and the energy of it all was incredible. Although it rained off and on we stayed for the entire eight-hour event. We shifted places and finally found ideal seats on the fence right near the stage. We had a great view of all the artists and were thrilled that we knew a lot of the songs being played. We took a lot of photos and some artists even stopped by the gate to give autographs.

A little after 11pm we headed back. We took the metro to our island and then caught the last bus back to our dorm. Even though we’re leaving soon at least we’re going out on a high note. The past two days have been simply fantastic!!!


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