Home again

Have arrived here in Moscow and am now sitting in my first Russian flat! I still feel overwhelmed by it all and I’m torn between my renewed passion for Russia, the Russian language, and the fact that a piece of me misses my home and my family. My emotions and what I’m feeling are all over the place. It’s such a strange experience, hard to describe all the small feelings that run through you as they are so vivid and change from second to second. The stimulation is overwhelming and there’s so much to take in. I know it will get better but I feel so disconnected right now. But it was like this when I moved to Florida, when I was in St. Petersburg and every other time I’ve moved so I know it will improve, probably within a day or so even. Being exhausted doesn’t help either.

Anyway, everything went smoothly. All my flights were great. There was a massive queue for passport control but once I made it through I found my luggage neatly stacked next to the baggage reclaim area. I took it and headed out to the arrivals lounge. There I found the company’s driver holding up a sign for me (I’ve always wanted to have someone hold up a sign for me at the airport!). I went over to him and introduced myself, then he took my luggage and we exited the airport to the parking lot. He expertly loaded my (heavy) bags into the car and off we went. It was such a thrill driving toward the city and seeing the Moscow skyline and the signs indicating that Moscow lay ahead. However after I don’t know how long in the car, I suddenly felt tired and could barely keep my eyes open. The traffic was awful and we were creeping along at a snail’s pace. Finally I fell asleep and woke up when we were nearing the town we were headed to. I still wasn’t sure which city I’d been assigned so I had no idea where we were going.

But we ended up at the school and the administrator, Nina, came out and introduced herself. Then we drove to my flat and I met another one of the girls who works in the office, Katya. They helped me inside with my bags and gave me the keys to my flat which, by the way, are huge!

They gave me a welcome packet with information, some tea and biscuits and said they’d call me tomorrow. I’m really surprised that it’s so hot and humid here. I hadn’t anticipated that as it’s already cool at home and autumn is clearly in the air. But it’s so muggy here.

The flat though is huge, much bigger than I had expected. But it looks like someone is living here. There are a ton of books in the living room and there a lot of leftover things, probably from other teachers. I keep expecting someone to come home and find me in their flat! But I’ve got a room (I took the one that looked least occupied) and have begun to unpack and make it my own. And so the adventure begins…I can’t wait!


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