Second 1st day

It’s my second first day in Russia! Didn’t sleep that well last night because my apartment kept making strange noises. There are about three different buzzers for my door and they went off at various times. Not sure what’s going on with that but it was a bit unsettling. Then I woke up early and even though it’s hot outside there was a nice breeze when I opened the window. I guess being up on the 12th floor has a lot of advantages!

Then I explored the apartment. I found a lot of books and movies in the living room and even a map of Moscow. It’s ironic though because I don’t even know where I am on the map or even what the name of the city is.

Then I got a call from our administrator saying she was going to stop by. She came over and I went with her first to the school here in town and then to Moscow. On the way I learned where the marshrutka stop is, which buses to take to get to the school, and how to pay for the buses. I was also sitting in an end seat on the marshrutka and everyone kept asking me to pass money up for me. It was good practice listening to what they wanted, asking how many people they were paying for, and then passing it on to the next person and asking them to take it.

After stopping at the school we went to the train station and I learned how to buy a ticket to Moscow and back. We caught the electrichka and it was stifling and humid the whole ride there. There were so many people and even though the windows were open it was still sweltering. It was interesting though because they announced all the stops, just like on the metro. I’d expected the suburban trains to be a little more primitive.

When we arrived in Moscow we bought metro tickets and took the metro to the office downtown. I met all the administrators in Moscow who I’d been corresponding with by e-mail for the past few months. It was nice to put faces to the names. Then we went and had photos taken and turned in our documents to get registered. After that I met the administrator who will be my boss and we chatted for a bit. I got online for the first time and e-mailed everyone back home to let them know how things were going.

Afterward we caught the train back to our town and I went to the grocery store for some food. One of the girls from our school went with me and recommended some good things to buy. I’m still feeling a bit disoriented about transportation but at least I know where I’m at and how to get around, to some extent. All in all it was an eventful day and I know I’ll continue to get more acclimated tomorrow. But what a difference a day can make! I already feel almost completely adjusted.


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