Already learning a lot…

Today I went to Moscow with two of the other interns (the second one, my temporary roommate, arrived late last night). Our company was hosting a little get-to-know everyone party at a restaurant in Moscow. We arrived and already knew a few people from being in Moscow when I got registered. We met a lot of other people and it was interesting to see who was here and find out why they came. There was a wide variety of people from all different backgrounds who had various reasons for coming to Russia. We also met some of the other administrators at various schools in different cities across Russia.

Many of us had a lot of unanswered questions as well because there wasn’t a lot of information supplied to us before we came, mostly just specifics such as where we would be and how long we’d be working. It turns out that we weren’t just being kept in the dark, that our bosses themselves didn’t know some of these things and that some things were dependent on the Russian government, such as holidays, for example. I think the most important thing I learned is that when working abroad (or doing business even) you have to be incredibly patient, flexible, comfortable with uncertainty, and able to adapt to changes.


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