New experiences

It’s only Tuesday and already I feel like I’ve been here forever. I’m really getting reacquainted with Russia and enjoying it more and more as every day passes. We got an early start into Moscow today because I had to meet up with my group and discuss how we were going to present our class tonight.

Then we had training and grammar exercises all day. Afterwards we had a short break and then it was time to teach! It was a lot of fun but also a bit nerve wracking and for the first time I felt the pressure and responsibility that comes with being a teacher, having people rely on you for their education. Plus it was also a new feeling to have a group of 30-something adults in the class. When they introduced themselves it became apparent that they were all pretty successful. Among the group were a lawyer, an architect, a designer, an accountant, and various other business people. It seemed so strange that I should be teaching them when I’m fresh from university and just starting out in my career and nearly half their age while they’re quite established and successful already. It was a bit daunting and was something I’d never experienced before. But the feeling quickly dissipated as I focused on the lesson.

Afterward it was exhilarating to see our students happy and feeling like they’d learned something or improved their language. It’s so rewarding to be able to give that to people and share in their learning experience.

My roommate had to do a teaching observation so I came home alone. When I got to our building the door was locked. There is a keypad with a code but it had been broken the past few days. But the code our administrator told me didn’t work. I tried to call her but there was no answer. Finally I stood outside long enough and when someone came up, they put in the code and I saw what it was. Turns out the administrator gave it to us backwards. But all is well and I’m home safe once again.

On a sad note, the teacher who lived next door is apparently gone. Apparently he had a family emergency and had to return home. No one seems to know if it’s permanent or not but I certainly hope it.


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