Warm reception

It’s Friday but the week isn’t over yet! We have training tomorrow morning as well and then a day off before starting again. Training is intense and the hours are long. The commute back and forth from Moscow doesn’t help either because we have to wake up especially early to make it on time. After training we went around Moscow a bit, did a bit of shopping, and then headed back. On the train my roommate and I were teaching Alisa some English phrases and an old man interrupted us and asked us which language we were speaking. I was surprised that he wasn’t able to identify it as English. We engaged him and he seemed genuinely curious about us and our language. When he got off he smiled and wished us well.

Back in the city we stopped to buy some fruit and the woman selling it was incredibly nice and attempted to speak in English with us. I continue to be happily surprised by the positive reactions we’ve experienced and the warm reception to foreigners.


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