Drinking with the boss

Today was one of the administrators birthdays so we went out for drinks after training. I was a bit surprised that everyone wanted to go out and drink together. I guess the attitude is that it’s okay to go out and get drunk with your bosses and no one thinks anything of it, even if you do make a fool of yourself. This line of thinking was a bit shocking to me but when I mentioned this, those present simply dismissed it and said it was completely normal and nothing to worry about.

Perhaps I’m just inexperienced because I haven’t held a full-time, “real” job before. At university the line was clearly drawn between students and teachers, student workers and their bosses, etc. You weren’t to speak about going out and drinking, even if you were 21, let alone go out and get drunk with a superior. So I don’t know if it’s a true cultural difference (Russia vs. America) or something I’ve just never experienced before.


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