Red Square!!!

Now that training has finished I finally have some free time for sightseeing. I can’t believe I’ve been in Moscow for two weeks and still haven’t seen anything outside of a classroom. So today my roommate and I went to Red Square. Before we went I was so excited and couldn’t quite believe I was actually going to see it.

We went to the Kremlin first and walked around outside in Alexandrovsky Garden. We saw Oxotny Ryad (охотный ряд) and there were beautiful flowers and fountains and tons of people, not only tourists. We saw signs pointing the way to Red Square and it was so exciting seeing it in writing, so close. Finally we came upon an archway that leads into Red Square and could see the top of St. Basil’s Cathedral, the colourful domes and spires. It was breathtaking and surreal. Couldn’t help but squeal like a little girl and jump up and down with excitement and disbelief.

Upon entering the square there was a small circle where people were making wishes by standing in the center and throwing coins over their shoulders. Then we entered and saw everything: GUM, St. Basil’s Cathedral and Lenin’s Tomb. I had expected everything to be bigger, massive even, based on photos that always make it seem large and impressive. But I still wasn’t disappointed, not in the least. We walked around, absorbing it all and taking photos.

Then we went inside GUM which was massive and so beautiful with the glass roof and all the floors and archways. The shops were incredibly expensive and there were a lot of brands I didn’t recognize. But it was still great to see things that I recognized from photos or films.
After walking around for hours, we headed back home and met up with Alisa to celebrate my roommate’s last night with us. We had dinner together and took more photos and then said our goodbyes.

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