Making adjustments

I’m beginning to realize that my work schedule has its pros and cons. It’s nice that I can sleep in if I want to but to be honest I prefer getting up early and having a longer day. I also prefer to work early in the morning and have the evenings off rather than waiting around all day to go to work. It’s also difficult to get fully engrossed in a project or go somewhere because I have to constantly be aware of the time and the fact that I have to leave later. Plus I’m a stickler for being early (5 minutes early is my definition of on time) so I don’t like being pressured and rushed to get to work. But maybe in time I will adjust. I know it’s not all bad and it could be so much worse.

It rained again today and it seems like it’s been raining nonstop for the past two days. The only bad thing is that I want to walk to work but with the rain, I have to dodge puddles the whole way. But it’s nice fall weather, very cool and lovely for sleeping with the window open. Today I cut through the park on the way to work and there were leaves on the ground and it was really beautiful. There’s also a lovely white church that I pass on the way and a massive war memorial, the Monument to Fallen Warriors. I’ll have to get some pictures when I get a chance. Every time I go by them I can’t believe that I see them every day and that they exist in my town, in a place where I live. It’s like going sightseeing every day. The novelty of it all hasn’t worn off in the least.

Because I don’t have any internet at home yet I’m coming up with creative ways to adapt. The computer at the school is incredibly old, the keyboard sticks and the internet is super slow. So I’ve begun writing e-mails on my computer at home, then saving them to my iPod and uploading them when I go to work. Pretty effective so far. I guess it’s true, necessity is the mother of invention.

I’ve also been getting quite a few e-mails from my parents and grandparents. It’s so nice to hear news from home and learn all the little details of everyone’s life. I really miss them but their messages are making it a lot easier.

Anyway, I ended up not having any classes today but had to conduct some speaking tests. Then I observed Alisa’s classes because she wanted some ideas about her teaching and suggestions on how to improve. In my free time I was able to plan tomorrow’s lessons so I won’t have to go in to work so early tomorrow. Now I’m going home so I can attempt to figure out my washing machine again!


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