More surprises

More rain today…makes me want to stay home where it’s warm, cozy and dry. Venturing out it’s cold and rainy and it’s a challenge to stay dry on the way to work.

On another note, there is a sticker on the cupboard behind the toilet that says something about surveillance. At first I thought it was a joke, that is said cameras weren’t allowed in the bathroom. Then I realized I didn’t know what it said in its entirety. So I translated the words I didn’t know and found out it said, “for your safety, video surveillance is being conducted.” So then I thought that was strange and who would do the monitoring and where is the camera? Can it really be true? So I concluded that it must be fake and then, when I looked at it a little closer, I saw in very small letters that it was from Maxim magazine. So yes, a joke after all. Oh but it’s the little things in life that keep it interesting!


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