Balance is everything

It’s only the second week of work and I’m already expecting perfection of myself. I guess the perfectionist in me hasn’t been quelled yet. I need to keep reminding myself that this is all new and it’s okay if I don’t have the perfect lesson or the perfect game to play to practice a certain grammar point. But I continue to give it my best and I know I’ll get better the more I do it. So I’m trying to focus on the positive and take into consideration all the things I am good at instead of constantly looking at what I need to improve.

So I’m finding that I’m really good at improvising and thinking on my feet and I’m not at all afraid to stand in front of a class and speak or even act silly in order to get a point across. Being able to laugh at yourself is definitely a positive quality for teachers. Plus being able to direct the spotlight on yourself and act goofy to illustrate something helps to relax students and if they’re laughing at you, they’re not worrying about the mistakes they’re making and they may not even realize they’re learning! So not taking ones self seriously is another good trait.

Ultimately I’m reminding myself that balance is important and if you’re going to focus on your weaknesses, don’t forget to look at your strengths and continue to build on them. After all, it doesn’t make sense to be perfect at something you’ve never even done before. But as always I continue to strive for the best possible performance and every day I learn something new that will help me toward achieving that. My students are also incredible motivators as there’s nothing better than helping them learn and seeing the light bulb go off when they finally grasp a concept. It’s a brilliant feeling and I can’t wait to see it happen more and more.


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