New roommate, new opportunities

Today my new roommate moved in. Although we haven’t had a chance to get to know each other that well yet, she seems super cool, nice and friendly. Plus, she’s British! How cool is that? I’ve had several roommates over the years from other countries but never someone from Britain. I can’t imagine all the new things I’ll learn!

Then later Alisa came over and we ended up talking for hours about languages and cross-cultural things. Turns out we have so much in common as she’s studying linguistics and is fascinated by cultural differences as well. She also helped me answer some questions about Russian and corrected my pronunciation by reading through some Russian dialogues with me. We also discussed careers and she gave me some pointers on approach techniques for Russian companies. It’s so nice to have a friend like this who appreciates and understands a lot of the same things and who provides a lot of new insights and points of view. She’s also really good at explaining some of the intricacies of Russian culture and why Russians do the things they do. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of questions for her in the future!


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