Small things I miss

Because I forgot to bring my day planner with me to Russia, I went off in search of a new one. I ended up at the local stationary store and looked high and low for a suitable one. But it seems that most are printed like books and don’t have spiral rings. Plus, there seems to be an aversion to printing the dates. So after finding one that was suitable enough, I took it home and began the task of writing in all the dates.

When I got to December it made me realize how much I’ll miss American Christmas and all that comes with it. It’s funny how all the small things you took for granted back home suddenly become magnified. As I thought more about it, the simple things like going shopping, hearing Christmas music in the shops, seeing all the decorations, watching It’s a Wonderful Life, driving around and seeing lights on houses, and all the small things you never really think about were suddenly such grand events that I realized I would deeply miss. Of course Christmas has always been one of my favourite holidays and even when I’m home I usually feel nostalgic around this time of year. But, now that I’m abroad, these feelings that I never took much stock of are suddenly so important and I feel such a void.

On another note, I got my first Russian paycheck today!!! It was less than 4,000 rubles but I’m still thrilled to have it. If it was in check form instead of rubles I’d definitely frame it!


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