Out of touch

It’s official, university life has spoiled me immensely. At university we had everything that we needed to stay informed and aware at our fingertips: newspapers, computers, internet, televisions, etc. Now that I’m living in Russia, I feel so disconnected and out of touch with what’s happening in the world. I wouldn’t even know where to find a newspaper in my town. Even if I didn’t find one, they would be entirely in Russian and would require translating which takes longer than I’d like to spend catching up on the news. I don’t have internet at home and the internet at work is incredibly slow and when I’m at work I’m, well, working. Yes, I have BBC on my TV at home but I’m rarely home.

All this adds up to feeling a sense of disconnect with the outside world. I’m used to being in touch and up to date with what is happening in the news. Although I know I have plenty of opportunities to find the news compared to opportunities that I know exist in other cities and countries, my point is that I’m feeling this difference, this adjustment. I never paid any attention to these small details of my life until they are suddenly different and even the smallest change feels so big. I thought living in Russia would teach me a lot about Russian culture and Russian people. While I have learned a lot, I’m surprised to say that I may actually be learning more about myself. Pretty interesting how that works, isn’t it?


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