Missing student life

Today while walking home with Alisa I realized I’m feeling a sort of void in my life because I’m not a student. Although I know both Alisa and Katya are very busy with their university work, their jobs and balancing all other aspects of their life, I can’t help but envy them both. Even though they are busy and stressed out, they are learning and enriching their lives and this is something that I’m used to and that I love and want more of. I almost feel like I’m getting more and more stupid as time goes by because I’m not actively learning anything. Although I’m studying my surroundings and interpreting things in my life about the culture and life in Russia, it’s not the same as actively learning in a classroom. I really miss the classroom environment and the mental challenge and stimulation of it all. In order to solve this problem I’ve begun reading more and more on my field and doing my own research. However I hope to add to this and begin learning even more in the future. I can’t imagine my life without learning.


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