Weekend continued

Today Alisa and I were back in Moscow, this time visiting the American Culture Center. Despite quite a small selection of books, I was surprised to find quite a few on intercultural communication and languages. So right now I have to get pictures taken so I can register and get an ID card. I’ll definitely be coming back for more as there are a bunch of incredible resources here. I may just have found the answer to my need for learning!

When we left we walked through the city, up some hills, and I saw beautiful churches and traditional Russian buildings. The weather was lovely as well and there were people out and about walking, golden leaves on the streets and everything seemed perfect. I thought to myself that I can’t believe this is my life and that I’m in Russia. Can you believe it, almost two months in and I’m still shocked by it all? There are few things that bring me more joy than being in other cities and countries, experience the culture and observing so many different, interesting and beautiful things.

Upon returning to Moscow I went home and began preparations for our housewarming party. A bunch of people came over and we ate, drank, listened to music, watched some movies, played games and just chatted and had a wonderful time. I even taught them how to play Kings, an American drinking game. What surprised me was the different attitude the Russians take toward alcohol. In Kings, no one wants to get all 4 kings and have to drink a lot. The goal is to not have to be the one to drink. Although college students play this game and are quite keen on getting drunk, it’s almost like punishment to have to drink a lot. But when we played it with Russians, they were almost begging to have to drink something. In fact, they thought we weren’t doing enough drinking. So the game quickly became old and wasn’t as fun as it usually is when played with Americans. I don’t know if this is the attitude of all Russians but certainly the group we were with (late teens and early twenties). Just an interesting observation…


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