Just how friendly are Russians?

Contrary to popular belief, very! I’ve observed lately that Russians are incredibly polite and seem to treat me as a guest when I am really the foreigner and a guest in their country. They often want to speak English with me and even apologise for their bad English even when I don’t speak Russian with them or my Russian is worse than their English. Of course such hospitality is not a straight and fast rule but so far my experiences have been largely positive.

So then why has does such an image continue to perpetuate itself? Maybe there are a lot of negative things that I’ve simply been fortunate enough not to have experienced. Or maybe this stereotype prevents people from giving Russians the opportunity to prove it wrong.

On a side note, today I got started with my Russian vocabulary and feel incredibly positive about it all. Unfortunately though it’s rainy and cold and I’d rather stay in and drink tea and study Russian. I really hope this isn’t the end of the nice weather. Hopefully the weekend will be glorious.

Still no phone and no washing machine… Nina’s going to send her husband to have a look at the washing machine. No luck on finding out the problem with the phone yet.


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