Internet Debacle

In our continued efforts to sort out the internet situation, my roommate’s boyfriend stopped by to talk to the internet technician. However, he had to leave to deal with some issues regarding his passport. He left me some money and his phone number and I said I would talk to the technician when he came. Almost immediately after he left the internet technician came and began asking me if I had my passport and the form that I was given when I signed up for the internet. I explained that I hadn’t signed up for the internet, that it was my roommates and I don’t know anything about it. I had been told that I simply needed to show him into the flat and where the computer was so he could activate it. So then I tried to call my roommate’s boyfriend and perhaps put him on the phone with the technician. But instead some woman answered the phone. I thought I misdialed so I called again and again a woman answered and started yelling at me for calling her again. So I tried to call my roommate but she wasn’t picking up because she was at work.

The technician asked me when she would be home and I said not until 4.00 and then he asked if she spoke Russian. I said no but that her boyfriend did. So he gave me a number and said to call him on Monday. Then, no sooner had he left than my roommate’s boyfriend came back. He had left his phone in the flat! I told him what happened and he said that he would call them later.

So needless to say the internet isn’t working yet. But on the other hand I was able to communicate with this guy and we understood each other. Then later in the day we met up with a teacher who used to work at our school but now works elsewhere in Russia. We had some good conversation and he suggested I start spending time with Russians who don’t speak any English as a way to improve my Russian. Apparently he has a Russian girlfriend and never formally studied Russian and is now fluent. So something to consider…


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