More similarities than differences

Today while reading The Art of Crossing Cultures I began to wonder whether I’ve truly experienced that much in Russia. I mean, I don’t feel like I’ve experienced culture shock and I haven’t had any strong negative experiences like those outlined in the book. I’m beginning to think that Russians and Americans aren’t really that different and even though Russia may be considered somewhat under developed by some, it really is a developed country and there aren’t really that many surprises when it comes to country shock.

I was reminded how much I love and am fascinated by cultural differences and communication. I find it so interesting and enthralling and even though I make cross-cultural observations daily and think about such things continuously, it was nice to be back with the theory and reading about it. I haven’t had much contact with such texts since I left university and I’m glad to have found some here.

Anyway, after classes I came home and got on the internet for the first time since I’ve been here simply for pleasure. It was great! But I felt so out of touch and couldn’t even remember some of my e-mail addresses and passwords. Plus I couldn’t access certain sites because I’m out of the United States. It was such a strange feeling, being blocked access by my own country. I kept thinking to myself, “But I’m American!” It’s incredible the things you experience that you never even dreamed were possible.

Then later Nina’s husband came to look at the washing machine again but decided it couldn’t be repaired at home. So I don’t know what the next step will be just yet. But overall a very interesting day.


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