Unexpected Adventures in Moscow

Today on the way to Moscow I delved back into The Art of Crossing Cultures and it was very enlightening as it talked about expats spending time only with other expats and rejecting the host culture. It made me realize how I want to embrace the host culture as much as possible and learn all about it. Although I’ve always wanted this, reading this book helped me to realize how much of an asset that is and that it is probably one of the main reasons I feel so comfortable and integrated here. Also on the bus we went by a modern-looking, American-esque McDonald’s in its own small building complete with a drive-thru. I was so surprised to see that. So far I’ve only seen McDonald’s located inside bigger buildings or shopping centers in Moscow.

Upon arriving at the library we saw a sign that said it was unexpectedly closed. So we walked across the street to the Illusion Cinema and checked the schedule. Even though it said it was open we tried the doors which were closed. We sat down and contemplated what to do. But then suddenly people started coming out of the cinema and we were able to go in. We saw that A Farewell to Arms was playing. We bought tickets and went inside. It was quite beautiful inside and there were plus couches, a small bar where you could buy snacks and drinks, and pictures of old Russian and American movie stars on the wall. Then the film started and was dubbed in Russian but you could still hear part of the English. A bit annoying at first but then eventually the two languages just blended together and I could understand everything and soon became oblivious to the fact that there were two languages.

Afterward we headed home and discussed plans for Alisa’s birthday which I volunteered to host at my flat. Then when I got home I turned on the TV and saw on BBC that the election is today in America. I’d completely forgot about it and it came up on me quite fast. It’s kind of strange that tomorrow we’ll have a new president and also that all the excitement is happening back home and I’m not a part of it. I don’t especially mind but it’s such a strange experience to watch it all from abroad. Just imagine, an American living in Russia, watching the American election on British TV!


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