It’s a Boy Girl Cultural Thing

I recently saw the film It’s a Boy Girl Thing. The plot is basically that two high-schoolers, a boy and a girl, somehow become trapped in each others body. What I found especially fascinating was how the actors portrayed the opposite sex through their actions and words. I wonder if there was any training involved on how to play a man or a woman. When it comes to gender as a separate culture, which specific things must be studied in order to portray someone from this culture? Although the actions of the actors did at times seem quite exaggerated and stereotypical, it was still interesting to watch. I wonder what the actors themselves were experiencing as they portrayed the opposite sex. Which actions were uncomfortable for them because they may never have done them before? It’s not that much different than adjusting your behaviour to adapt to a different culture, doing things you’ve never done before, feeling new and different sensations, etc. And exaggerated portrayals of different people can provide some insight into one’s culture (think Saturday Night Live impressions or other comic impersonators). Other films or instances of such character portrayal that come to mind are all of Sacha Baron Cohen’s characters, Freaky Friday (another body swap film which examines teenage and adult culture) and Big (an age swap film). I also found an article online about cliches regarding body swap films. It criticises the inaccurate portrayal of both adults and children in such films. While such portrayals may not be accurate, they can still provide some insight into our own thoughts on such people and how people of a certain age, nationality, gender, etc. should act. Can you recommend some others?


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