A very strange day

Today was an incredibly strange day, to say the least. We had a workshop scheduled at 10.00 in the morning but I wrote down that it started at 11.00. So I was up and getting ready to leave. I had planned to go with my roommate but hadn’t heard from her. So then I got a call from my boss asking me if I was going and if I knew the workshop was at 10.00, not 11.00. I said I was on my way and rushed to the train station. As I was about to buy a ticket I saw a sign which said the train schedule had changed and the next train would be at 12.59. So I walked double time back to the main street to catch a bus. But suddenly I began thinking if this was perhaps a sign of things going wrong and I shouldn’t go. As they say, bad things happen in groups of three. I’d had two already (1: getting the time wrong, 2: the train getting cancelled) so I didn’t want to risk a third. But I knew I had to go and I caught a bus to the train station in the next city. Then I got off and went in search of a bus that would take me to the school. I found the one I needed but it was parked very far at the back of the bus rank and wasn’t letting anyone on. I waited for a bit and after a while it moved forward and I got on. But we had to wait for it to fill up and then we were on the way. After getting stuck in traffic, I finally arrived. The workshop was great but I had unfortunately missed the majority of it.

Then after the workshop I headed back to go to work. I was so thrown off from everything that happened that I began preparing for the wrong classes. Suddenly I saw one of my students and asked myself why she was here, she had class on Monday. Then it hit me that it was Monday and I prepared for the wrong class. So I rushed to put something together. In my last class I was giving a test when suddenly in walked one student who hadn’t been to the last several classes. So I had to find some materials for him to prepare so he could revise for the test.

But as a result of it all I feel really motivated and each workshop seems to motivate me more and more because I receive so much information and so many good tips for making classes better. I so want to make my lessons interesting and fun for my students.

As far as the train schedule being changed, I began to realize that I as viewing this situation through my own perspective. I viewed it as a bad thing, as a delay, something unfortunate to block my path. But I suddenly had the idea that maybe it’s just the way things are here. I was probably one of the few people to regard it as a sign that something bad was going to happy. So one of the things you have to do is adjust our perception according to the country and how things work there. Now I know that it’s completely normal for train schedules to be adjusted and although it can be an inconvenience, it’s not a bad omen.


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