Q&A on British Culture

The other day my roommate came to one of my classes to speak about English culture, including food and holidays. It was great for the students because they got to hear firsthand information and lots of examples. They could also ask a lot of questions and find out more than I am often able to provide them due to my limited knowledge of small details of British culture. It was such a thrill providing such an experience for them as I know I loved it at university when our teachers invited guest speakers and outside information. Not to mention I learned A LOT that I never knew before either. When I find my notes I’ll update more specific examples.

Then, later I got to talking with my roommate and we discussed me teaching her Russian. So we’ve decided to have class every Sunday. I think it will be great for both of us and I’m excited to begin.

As I write this it sounds like the people in the flat above me are arguing…in English. I can’t make out any words but the overall sound of the language just sounds like English. Then again, I don’t exactly know how to describe the sound of English. Very strange the things your ears pick up on when you’re living in a country where you hardly ever hear English.


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