Two kinds of homesickness?

Today I received a text message from my Mom. She wanted to chat and I ended up calling home and we talked for almost an hour. What resulted was a feeling of missing everyone but without a feeling of homesickness. How is it possible to miss only people but not a place? Then again, having my family here in Russia with me just wouldn’t be the same either. I know I can’t mix my two worlds and I wouldn’t want to even if I could. But I love Russia so much and I love living here and sometimes I feel like I should miss America and home more. But this is my home now. It’s such a strange feeling. Right now the only connection to America is the people that I love there. Is there a word to effectively sum up this conundrum? I’m tempted to say I’m not homesick, but rather peoplesick…but that just doesn’t quite convey it, does it?


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