Pride in a Job Well Done

Today I had my last class with one of my morning groups. My students were all very happy and I was surprised when they started giving me compliments on an activity I prepared for them, even telling me how clever I was. Then they all wished me Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas and said they hoped I would return to Russia after the holidays. Although I’m sure they know my contract extends well past the end of the year, this seems to be a concern many of my students have expressed. Perhaps it’s not so much that they want me to return of my own volition but they’re concerned about my safety while travelling abroad. Then after the class finished my boss came up to me and said thank you for keeping my students happy. So someone must have mentioned something positive to her. It’s always nice to hear that your students are happy with their learning experience. The last thing I’d want is to put students off of their studies. But as one of my friends and fellow teachers said before, she’d rather have the students like the lesson as opposed to having them like her. I feel the same way because above all I want to help my students to succeed. But I admit it’s always nice to have a positive personal relationship with your students where you actually like each other and have a great rapport.


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