The Best 8 Hour Flight Ever

After my layover in London, I caught my flight to America. I flew with British Airways and because the flight wasn’t full, I ended up getting upgraded to business class. What an experience that was! As soon as I stepped on the plane, before I could get my coat off and sit down, a steward was at my side, asking me if he could take my coat. He took it, put it on a hanger and put it away. Then I was asked if I’d like a newspaper and something to drink: water, juice, champagne? I’ve flown with British Airways before and the service has always been incredible. But British Airways business class is even better. I highly recommend flying with them.

After the flight began, we were served our menus. Instead of being asked, “chicken or fish?” we had an entire menu to choose from, including courses and drinks. After being served several courses and several refills of wine, we were constantly brought water, juice and even ice cream to keep us comfortable. And the seats were incredible. They were spacious and comfortable, complete with foot rest and a screen that folds out for watching films and TV or listening to music. We were even given our own toothbrush, toothpaste, sleep mask and some lotion and lavender spray to freshen up our faces.

The seats were positioned side-by-side but facing in opposite directions and I was seated facing in the direction opposite of how seats in coach face. When the plane took off, instead of leaning backward, I was leaning forward. There was also a small partition in between the seats which you could raise or lower for privacy. The passenger sitting next to me was a young man from the Czech Republic. We got to talking and it turned out he had lived in Russia as a child for about 10 years. Now he lives and works in Chicago which is where he was heading back to. We had a very interesting (and intercultural) conversation!
So it seems my luck has changed. I had a great flight and arrived in Chicago feeling energized and refreshed. Now I’m waiting for a flight to Indianapolis. It’s strange how I have to wait several hours to fly one hour when I could drive there in 4. But regardless, it’s nice to be home and I can’t wait to be in my home and with my family.


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