Making Progress

After unsuccessfully trying to call the airport for a while, I enlisted some help from a friend.  She ended up getting a hold of the St. Petersburg airport and they told her to call the Moscow airport.  So then I called the Moscow airport and they said they didn’t know anything about where to send luggage.  I was directed back to the St. Petersburg airport.  When I called them back, they said that the Moscow airport needed to send them a form so I should call the Moscow airport back.

It was so frustrating being told to go back and forth and no one seemed to be able to give me a clear answer on what needed to be done.  But on the positive side at least I know my luggage has been found and it is safe in St. Petersburg.  So a few small steps were taken and I have plenty of people who want to help me and who have taken up a bit of an offense for me.  I’m pretty sure I’ll end up getting it back, it just might take some time.


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