Valentine’s Day

Well today is Valentine’s Day but like so many holidays here, it doesn’t feel like it one bit.  It seems that most people don’t really celebrate it here and a lot of stores don’t go overboard with Valentine’s Day merchandise.  I’ve seen a few shop windows decorated and at the kiosks you can buy chocolate roses but that’s about it.  I worked today to cover for one of the teachers who is on holiday and only one of my students said her husband had bought her flowers.  The rest said their husbands or boyfriends hadn’t and it wasn’t a big deal.  In America most women would be incredibly upset if their significant other didn’t at least make some gesture to celebrate the day.  Is it because Russian women don’t care about flowers and chocolates or is it because the holiday simply isn’t significant?

After work I celebrated with a few friends.  Alisa, whose boyfriend was out of town, is a bit superstitious of Valentine’s Day because, although she likes to celebrate it, she said something bad always happens on this day.  So we decided to overcome the stigma and make a positive celebration of our own.  She and a friend came by my flat, we cooked dinner, watched a film and had wine and chocolate.  So in this aspect perhaps Russian girls aren’t that different from American girls.


One Response to Valentine’s Day

  1. Xaver says:

    8th of March is that day in Russian culture, not St Valentine’s which is a foreign holiday to most of us and therefore has no significance.

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