Conversation Exchange

Today I met up with another Russian girl I met through the conversation exchange site.  We’d been e-mailing back and forth and finally found a time that we could both meet.  She called me today and we arranged where and when we would meet.  We also spoke on the phone entirely in Russian which was great because it can be so challenging speaking in your second language over the phone.  It’s difficult to hear and you can easily misunderstand the other person or be misunderstood.  But we understood each other perfectly and made a plan to meet.

I went into Moscow and we went to a little café near Kitai Gorod.  For the first hour we spoke Russian and the second hour we spoke English.  It was wonderful practice, both listening and speaking.  We had some tea and just chatted and the time flew by.  On the way back home I felt so happy and so in love with Russia.  I thought to myself that I can’t possibly leave this place.  But it seems like my attitude toward staying in Russia changes all the time.  I think I’m just on a high from yesterday because I overcame a lot of obstacles and got my luggage back.  Then today I went out and spoke Russian and really felt connected to Russia through language and by connecting with a Russian person in the Russian language.  There’s something about speaking Russian that always makes me feel immensely happy.  I think it has a lot to do with the fact that by speaking a language you become more integrated into a culture and therefore feel more comfortable and at home in a place.


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