Language Roller Coaster

Today I met up with Alisa and we went out for sushi.  After that we went back for a nightcap at my place and got to talking.  Because we spoke English at dinner, we decided to now speak Russian.  She even prepared some cards with topics for us to discuss so it would be more interesting.  We chose one topic and she then taught me some vocabulary words related to it.

But I don’t know if I was tired because it was late or what, but for some reason my brain was stuck.  Yesterday with my friend I was speaking perfectly and feeling so confident about my language.  But today it feels like my brain is sluggish, like it’s covered in cobwebs.  Sometimes it feels like I’m running on a treadmill that’s moving way too fast and my brain can’t keep up.  So while I am eternally grateful to her for all her efforts, I’m sorry to say the lesson wasn’t as helpful as it could have been.  Such are the challenges of learning a language.  Some days your mind cooperates, and some days it doesn’t.  It’s like a constant roller coaster and you never know which way you’re going from day to day.  But I guess that’s what makes for such a fun ride along the way.


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