Today my students and I were discussing the upcoming holiday.  They asked me if there is a Women’s Day in America.  When I said no, the asked about similar days.  But, really, there aren’t any.  Then my students suggested that Americans start celebrating Women’s Day too.  They mentioned that Russians have adopted some holidays like Valentine’s Day and Halloween, for example.  One of my students simply asserted that they saw this holiday, liked it, and decided to celebrate it.  But is it really that easy?  What does it really take for a holiday to become a part of a culture?  Is it enough for people to celebrate it?  What about companies?  Usually people know a holiday is coming because they’re reminded when they go to the shops and see new products or flashy window displays.

Woman’s Day is a very interesting holiday.  It seems that most non-Russians I’ve met who have heard about this holiday find it interesting.  So why hasn’t it caught on in America?  Would it be considered sexist?  If so, there’s also Men’s Day.  It isn’t as popular as Women’s Day but it still exists.

Then I wondered if perhaps it was due to a divide in cultures and power.  For example, stronger, more powerful countries pass their cultures on to other countries, not the other way around.  So maybe Russia isn’t strong enough to pass its culture (holidays) on to the United States or other countries.  Whatever the reason is, it’s pretty fascinating.  I’m doing a bit of research on this and will update when I know more.  But for now, some food for thought…


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