Travelling in America

One of my students in my morning class had previously asked me to prepare some information about the Grand Canyon for them.  So I got online and found some information about it, copied some pictures and write a short reading activity on it for them.  As I was doing this I realized just how little I’ve seen of America and how I took for granted how close some pretty amazing things are.

Many of my students have asked me if I’ve been to various places and for the majority of their questions the answer is no, I haven’t been there yet.  When I lived in America I always thought these places would be nearby and thought I would visit them on my next holiday.  Although I went to most of the places I’d always dreamed of going, I never really had a strong desire to visit the Grand Canyon, for example.

But now that I’m in Russia and can see the fascination, enthusiasm and desire that many of my students have to visit America, it’s beginning to rub off on me.  As I did my research to prepare for class, I began to see it through similar eyes.  Now I really want to visit the Grand Canyon, not to mention numerous other places.  I’d also love to visit more places in America because it would allow me to (a) understand my own country and culture better and (b) answer my students’ questions more accurately and in more detail.

So now one of my goals over the summer is to do some travelling in America.  It’s strange how when I was in America I only wanted to explore abroad.  Now it’s the opposite.  It just goes to show that going abroad is one of the best ways to make you appreciate the uniqueness of your country.


2 Responses to Travelling in America

  1. scassidy22 says:

    Seeing the Grand Canyon first-hand is an amazing experience that I think everyone should have. I visited there this summer and it really was one of the highlights of the trip.
    My advice: Do the Skywalk Tour – It’s definitely worth it!

    • JMS says:

      Thanks for the comment and the tip! I’m glad you enjoyed your trip to the US. I saw the link to your blog and I’d love to hear/read more about the places you went and your impressions!

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