Sad, but true

So I was thinking that it’s very unfortunate that you only get one first time in a new place.  It seems like there’s no time quite as magical as your first time in a really breathtaking city, the newness of it all and the intense enthusiasm you feel when first arriving and seeing things in person that you’ve only ever seen in photographs or films.  It’s also a great opportunity to pick up on all the small nuances and differences between cultures.  They seem to jump out at you when they are brand new.  The second time around you may not notice them.  This is why I have started to make a point of writing down every new thing I notice/observe when I travel somewhere.

However, I’ve noticed that I’ve begun to notice only certain things and draw parallels not between the new culture and American culture, but between the new culture and Russian culture.  It seems as if Russian culture has not become the norm for me and I am comparing things against this.  Just strange how such small transformations can take place and you don’t even realize it until you travel to another place.


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