When Will You Stop Studying Your Language?

While studying future time clauses with my students, we practiced what we’d learnt by speaking on a variety of topics.  One of the questions using “until” was: I will study English until…  This question started me thinking about my own language learning goals and I asked myself when I would stop studying Russian.  Several ideas quickly came to me and I drew up a list.

I won’t stop studying Russian until…
*I understand prefixes (verbs and verbs of motion) [a seemingly never-ending source of frustration for me]
*I understand and can use adequate slang [how to measure “adequate” slang though?]
*I understand and enjoy TV, films and books in Russian
*I can speak and tell stories, explaining things, tell anecdotes and speak in a natural way (intonation, rhythm, pronunciation, etc.)
*I can understand when people speak quickly or speak with an accent

Now I know that learning a foreign language is probably a process that continues interminably, especially if you’re not using the language on a daily basis.  But I mean I won’t stop studying as in taking courses and actively trying to improve myself as opposed to simply speaking and getting by.

So what are your language goals?  When will you stop studying your language?  Are my goals realistic?  Are there better goals to strive for?


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