Pop Culturosity® Guides

The other day I happened upon the Culturosity website and found their Pop Culturosity® Guides.  Especially intriguing to me was the one on movies.  I’m a huge movie buff and love watching films not only for their entertainment value but also to see intercultural issues at play.  I love taking every day occurences and looking deeper to find a hidden meaning underneath the words and actions.  So these guides perfectly blended these two interests (intercultural issues and every day intercultural events) because films are often seen as ordinary, every day things that might not have an obvious intercultural meaning.  Many of the films in the guide are international films which clearly depict another way of life.  In addition to these films, I enjoy watching more “mainstream” films and seeing if there’s something not so obvious underneath all the other layers.  So I encourage you all to download the Guide (the people at Culturosity are generously making it available for free) and start watching some of these (and other films) through an intercultural perspective!


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