Cultural Resource: “Ask a Russian” and Others

I recently came across a fascinating resource for cultural enthusiasts.  I stumbled upon this blog entitled Ask a Russian where readers submit questions about Russian culture and the answers are provided on the website.  I personally found this site fascinating because it provided some insight into Russian culture that I was unable to experience firsthand despite having lived in Russia.  For example, the arrival of a newborn in Russia, something I didn’t see because I didn’t have any close friends who had children while I was there.

From this site there are links to various other “Ask a…” sites.  A quick search revealed there were more than those linked from the Ask a Russian page.  Here are the ones I’ve found:

Ask the Chinese Guy
Ask a Frenchman
Ask a Korean
Japan Explained
Ask a Mexican

Another reason I love these sites is because they are written by natives from that culture who are usually the best ones to ask about a specific culture.  Although many people take their culture for granted so much that it’s almost impossible to get them to explain something to you, the writers on these sites are doing a great job.  They seem to genuinely understand the intricacies of their culture and want to help people understand it, which is the whole point of intercultural communication in the first place: facilitating understanding of other cultures and people.

Are there others I’m missing?  Has anyone started an Ask an American site yet, I wonder?  What about similar sites?  Happy reading everyone!


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