Does the World Cup Promote Intercultural Communication?

Because it’s World Cup time it’s almost impossible to avoid someone talking about it somewhere.  Also, because it’s such an international event, I couldn’t help but think of all the opportunities for intercultural interaction during the event.  First of all, the event takes place abroad, in South Africa.  Being able to travel there and experience the local people and culture provides more than enough of a possibility for some cross-cultural interactions.  On top of that, there are 32 teams, not to mention fans, trainers, staff, etc.  All these people from other countries and cultures together in one area mingling together, living together, playing together.  I don’t see how it’s possible for one not to have in intercultural experience.

Usually such amazing one-time (or once in a lifetime) events can’t help but spawn some pretty incredible international friendships.  Sports tend to bring people together and when people get together with other people for a common cause, bonding tends to happen.  So here’s to hoping that the World Cup can strengthen friendships across cultures and promote intercultural understanding between peoples and nations.

For an additional intercultural World Cup experience, Budweiser is sponsoring the Bud House, an interactive online show where “31 fans from 32 countries all living under one roof in South Africa during the 2010 FIFA World Cup.  They eat together.  Sleep together.  And watch every game together.”  Additionally, you can “influence how it all plays out” and follow along by watching the “exciting new clips” which “will be uploaded multiple times per day.”  You can  follow them on Twitter for more updates.


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