How to Seduce a German Woman

I stumbled across this article on the Playboy website.  Now Playboy is the last place I’d expect to find intercultural advice but there was some advice that I’d never heard before, for example German women are upset by American slouching.  I don’t know if half of this advice is true or not and I’ve hardly studied German culture but I found it fascinating just the same.  Can anyone confirm or deny any of the tips?

Another thing that came to mind was about Playboy.  Although the article is entitled “How to Seduce a German Woman” it could also fall under interpersonal communication between men and women as opposed to simply seduction advice.  Also Playboy has published international editions of its magazines specifically for different countries.  I wonder what, if any, factors they take into consideration when they put these issues together.  Hugh M. Hefner must know something about cultural differences as evidenced in his IMDB biography which states that he “attempted to create and Indian version of Playboy for India, which would feature South Asian women and Indian pop culture articles, but no nudity.”  The magazine idea was apparently rejected but does show that someone has informed him and/or his magazine editors about cultural differences.  Examples such as this just go to show that intercultural issues are present in every aspect of life.

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3 Responses to How to Seduce a German Woman

  1. Leo Salazar says:

    My question is, how did you happen to “stumble upon” this piece? Reading the other articles, right?

  2. Joe says:

    i use the three Bs of the German culture: Bier, Burst & BBQ

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