Expats in Russia Are the Richest in the World

Via this post on a great blog I’ve just discovered called Expat Explorer, I found this video online:

This video is connected to the one on the Expat Explorer site but focused more on Russia and the life of expats in Russia and why they are so much wealthier than expats in other countries.  One of the reasons given in the video is that Russia, especially Moscow, is an expensive place to live.  One thought that came to my mind is that living in Russia is often difficult and there is sometimes a lack of simple luxuries.  The reporter also mentioned that one of the factors is that people have access to luxuries such as swimming pools and yachts.  But what about the comforts of home, familiar products and brands, the ability to buy anything at anytime, and missing one’s family, friends and home culture?  I’d be curious to see how satisfied the expats are with their experience abroad and what percentage of them speak Russian.

Of course being super wealthy in a place like Russia must raise the standard of living immensely, but I’d counter that having an above average income in a place like Russia would be required in order to live in another place on a much lesser salary.  It’s like when someone from the midwest moves to New York City, for example.  They would need double their current salary to maintain their current standard of living.

Which leads me to ask: How much money would be needed to move to a place that was difficult to live?  Does money overrule cultural differences?  Is it really the language that crosses all borders? Does being wealthy really solve all the problems many expats experience?


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