Culturally Themed Weddings

According to the latest news reports, singer Katy Perry has tied the knot.  Why is this relevant to my blog? Because she did it in India!  Although a lot of details haven’t been released, apparently the wedding consisted of a traditional Indian ceremony, right down to the clothes that were worn.  Before the wedding, Perry was seen wearing a traditional Indian bridal nose ring.  Bits and pieces of information about the wedding can be found here and here.

There’s no word yet whether or not they’ll release photos and details about the wedding but I for one hope they do.  I’d love to see how they incorporated the traditional aspects of the culture and made it their own.  I’m also interested as to why they chose Indian culture as a wedding theme.  I can’t remember either of them speaking about a fondness for Indian culture.

So, would you have a culturally themed wedding?  What might be the pros and cons of this?  Is it a good way to learn more about another culture and promote understanding?  Can and should celebrities use their fame to spotlight various cultures and encourage awareness of their beliefs and traditions?  For more ideas on cultural weddings, click here.


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