The Most Intercultural Family in the World?

One of the things Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are known for is their large family.  What makes their family interesting to me is the diversity of their children, the fact that they travel a lot, and seem to have a lot of intercultural experiences.  A quick Google search resulted in the following:

According to this article, their family consists of 6 children:
Maddox (adopted from Cambodia at 9 months)
Pax (adopted from Vietnam at birth)
Zahara (adopted from Ethiopia at 5 months)
Shiloh (born in Namibia)
Vivienne and Knox (born in France)

The family travels a lot.  In the above article, they were arriving in Japan.  A lot has been written about Shiloh, including that she has traveled to: India, Italy, France.

In 2006 Pitt and Jolie purchased a house in France.  Two French nannies teach the children French and now the twins “speak more French than English.”

The children recently started attending a French-American school in Hungary while Jolie works there.

From what I’ve found, it seems that Pitt and Jolie are exposing their children to a wide variety of cultures.  I can’t help but think that all the traveling combined with language skills and experience in a foreign school will give their children a log of great intercultural knowledge and experience.

But the more I thought about it, the more I began to doubt that they were as culturally diverse as they might appear at first.  Here’s why:

1) The adopted children were very young when they were adopted.  They probably didn’t retain any of their native culture or language.
2) All the children might be too young to understand and really benefit from the cultures they encounter in their travels.

Then again, not that much is known about the workings of their family, what they’ve seen on their travels, or how much they’ve experienced.  I’m also curious as to how their travel is planned and what kind of passports the children hold.  I read that Shiloh has a Namibian passport.  It seems like organizing trips would be a hassle.

What are your thoughts?  Any other families that could challenge the Jolie-Pitt family for the title of most intercultural family?


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