The Blog That Started It All

The first blog I came across dealing with intercultural issues is called Cross-Cultural Moments and is written by Elizabeth Abbot, an American expat based in Rome.  Ms. Abbot now blogs at her new website (there are still archives of her old posts at her previous blog that are worth checking out) and has an impressive list of credentials.

When I first came across her blog I couldn’t believe my luck and quickly began reading all her previous posts, starting at the beginning and working my way forward.  Her writings on intercultural issues raised a lot of interesting points, stimulated thought and raised a lot of new ideas.  The way she writes about her experiences living in Italy and her observations about Italian culture are so detailed you feel like you’re living through it with her.  The nuances of the culture allow the rules of Italian culture to seep into the reader, almost by osmosis, as one reads.

The only negative thing I could say about the blog was that there wasn’t enough content.  I was always wanting to read more about her experiences and observations and learn as much as possible.  So I’m dedicating this blog post to her amazing blog, the one that provided so much inspiration to me when I first began searching for like-minded people and information about the field of intercultural communication.  Her blog also inspired me to begin writing my blog as hers was the best blog I’d found on the subject and was the closest to what I wanted to write about.

If you haven’t read her blog, I strongly encourage you to visit both sites.  If you can recommend similar blogs that have great content, please do so!  What blogs or sites have inspired you to blog?  Which other blogs capture the essence of intercultural experiences the way hers does?


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