Top 10 Intercultural Communication Scholars

1. Edward T. Hall (1914-2009) is widely considered the father of intercultural communication.  He developed the popular concept of high and low context cultures and wrote numerous books about the field.
2. Geert Hofstede is a researcher whose groundbreaking theory of cultural dimensions laid the foundation for future cultural research.
3. Fons Trompenaars is a cross-cultural communication scholar and prolific author.  Along with Charles Hampden-Turner, he built on Hofstede’s cultural dimension theory.
4. Stella Ting-Toomey is a researcher and Professor of Communications at California State University, Fullerton.  A successful author in her own right, her numerous contributions to books and journals are at the core of the intercultural communication curriculum.
5. William B. Gudykunst (1947-2005) was a communications scholar, author and researcher whose vast body of publications are still relevant to the field today.
6. Milton J. Bennett is the co-founder of the Intercultural Communication Institute (ICI), a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting cultural understanding and one of the premier resources of all things intercultural.  Bennett is also (or has been) a researcher, lecturer, author and intercultural trainer.
7. Janet M. Bennett is the co-founder of the Intercultural Communication Institute and now serves as executive director.  The ICI sponsors the annual Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication which is three weeks of workshops dedicated entirely to the intercultural field and surrounding issues.  Bennett is also very active in numerous capacities throughout the intercultural field.
8. Richard D. Lewis is a linguist, author and founder of Richard Lewis Communications.  His innovative book, When Cultures Collide, has met with great success.  He also designed The Lewis Model of Culture as a guide to classifying cultures.  Follow his blog here.
9. Young Yun Kim is a professor of Communication at the University of Oklahoma, Norman.  She is known for her Integrative Communication Theory and has also published numerous works in the field.
10. Fred E. Jandt has authored several textbooks on intercultural communication and is Dean and Professor of Communication at CSU San Bernardino.


2 Responses to Top 10 Intercultural Communication Scholars

  1. It’s probably worth noting Milton Bennett’s seminal framework, the Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity. It influences my thinking still, years later.

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